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重庆时时彩靠谱吗 Date:2017-03-02

Platinum silicone for artificial limbs Usage:
Medical grade liquid silicone can also be used for producing other food grade silicone rubber products just as body organ: sex

toys, women breast, etc. The Medical grade addition Silicone Rubber for life casting is nontoxic and durable, good at casting ,

very safe for human.

Liquid mold making silicone for body organ Liquid mold making silicone for body organ is liquid silicone rubber suitable for molding

technique with good strength, and tear strength which mixing ratio is 1:1

Platinum silicone for artificial limbs Features:
1.Low viscosity
2.FDA certificate, it's very safe for human
3.Good resilience
4.Good heat stability and weatherability ( temperature resistant range of -60--250)
5.Skin color, very real feeling about the look
6.Good heat-ageing resistance

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