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Dear Parents, students, education counselors, and teachers;

It's a fact; a college education is expensive and the cost is only going up. The US Government calculates that the cost of higher education tuition and fees are going up faster than inflation.

If you're one of the lucky few who have plenty of money saved for college, great job! (If you'd like to save that money and get free money for college with grant money and scholarships that you would have never thought about, order this book now!)

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The fact is: today's economy is still tough. Most of us do what we can just to pay all the bills and still eat. So where does that leave a deserving student, who simply doesn't have the means to attend a good school and further his/her education? Chances are, the student will either decide not to go, and just start working immediately, or they will go into major debt with student loans. Or, an even more common situation today, is the student whose family income disqualifies him/her from most need-based aid; yet the family still has no savings for college. Most families in this situation do the same thing - go into debt with costly student loans.


scholarships         Little-known places you can search for thousands of          scholarships and grant money- for FREE

financial aid         Where to get information on how to pay absolutely nothing for          your tuition - if you qualify

college loan         The mistakes that uneducated parents make when saving for          college

FAFSA         FREE resources the US Government provides for your          knowledge and use

student aid         Simple instructions for filling out your FAFSA - and a way to do it          all online for fastest processing (free)

student loans         How to get your State to pay for all or part of your education

scholarships         How to get your degree up to 30% faster

FAFSA         How to get credit for subjects you already know about - and save          yourself oodles of time and money

student loans         Why student loans are almost always not necessary

student loan consolidation         Why college grads make up to DOUBLE the salaries of
         high-school-only grads

FAFSA         How to choose a college that is in your financial best interests

student loan finder         How to play the financial aid game - and why you should apply for          more aid than you need

scholarship search         Sneaky (but legal) ways to complete full courses in weeks instead          of months

college finder         Places to find companies that will pay for your education - above          and beyond your paycheck

financial aid         Where to get excellent, useful tools such as a Financial Aid          Calendar and Admissions Calendar

college scholarship         How the IRS will hand you money to go to school

scholarship  finder         Cut the cost of getting a degree from a big-name university - in          HALF

scholarship search         Where you can apply to hundreds of colleges right online and          save yourself TONS of time

scholarships         Special circumstances that may allow you to go to school for          FREE

               Etc, etc

But that's not all! You'll also learn this...

      How to take classes on TV and Online (how fun is that?!) and get       full credit for them

         One simple trick that will allow you to save money on textbooks,          movies, food, supplies, rent, and all kinds of other stuff

         How to attend class at a school you've never even seen, nor will          ever see

         What information you need to gather to prepare for the          admissions process

         Ways to make extra money during school to pay for other          expenses

         Where to get help with admissions essays

         How to attend more than one school at a time - and get away          with it

                  AND MUCH MORE!!!

And that's still just a small part of Debt Free College Degree!

Believe me, you'll learn much more than you ever thought you needed to know.

I've also included these extra BONUS GIFTS:


Yes, it's true - you don't have to pay anyone to "guarantee" you any scholarship funds (nobody can make that guarantee anyway.) I will give you a list of 9 major places you can search for literally hundreds of scholarships worth thousands of dollars.

BONUS 2: Complete list of State Agencies for Higher Education that you can contact right online for more information and to review programs available for your state.

BONUS 3: FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: Government's Student Guide to Financial Aid (approx 30 pages) helpful information on all the federal government's aid programs.

BONUS 4: FREE DOWNLOAD LINK: US Government's whopping 437 page Guide to Education Programs which lists all the education grants available.

Does all this information sound overwhelming?

Don't worry. It's not. I have organized everything in a simple way. After you pay, you will receive a link where you can access all this information right away. No waiting 5-7 days for some book or CD to come in the mail. Half Price College will be delivered to you in .pdf format so you can read it NOW, right on your computer, and get started immediately. (you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the book. If you don't already have it, download it FREE right here.) Adobe Download

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You know there are other Financial Aid sites on the Internet that offer similar content, but they don't give you a step-by-step guide on how to save the MOST money on higher education.

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